Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So the much anticipated day came and went, McKinley's first day of Kindergarten! She was so excited, and even though I shed a few tears at how big our little girl is getting I am so happy for her to experience new and exciting things. She just got right on the bus and didn't even look back. She has a lot of great friends in Mrs. Crane's class with her and it has already been so fun. Monday night they had a "Kindergarten Kick Off" night where the whole family got to go to the school and McKinley gave us a tour, she thought she was pretty hot stuff for sure.

I tried to take some pictures of the girls before we went to the Bus Stop. Prior to this experience I was contemplating getting updated family pictures taken, I've decided we are not ready for that since these are the best ones, that's right, these below are the best ones.Waiting for the bus
The Pheasant Hollow Kindergarten Crew: McKinley, Analise, Jaiden, & Dusty
Walking home from school with the big girls!

Just as most moms probably wish, I hope that McKinley's love of learning lasts a LONG time!


The MontaƱo’s said...

She is the cutest girl!! I love thinking of her walking home hand in hand with Annie and Ellie!!

Abbie said...

So cute!! I hope she is liking school, its so much fun!

Misti said...

So cute, so fun and yet so sad! Where are our little girls???

The Richards said...

McKinley is SO adorable - all your girls are! I love the picture of the 3 of them in a row. It looks exactly like a picture my parents have of you, Jill and Hailey (when Hailey was about Quincey's age). I think it was a Christmas card. It was so cute.

Heather (Driscoll) Richards
(Hope you don't mind me looking at your blog once in a while from Hailey's)

The Ricks Family said...

Your kids are so cute and big too, I think you were pregnant (as was I) the last time I saw you!
I am just wondering where I sign up to get hand-me-down clothes, to cute!