Monday, August 31, 2009

Mesa Falls....We Did IT!

So on Quincy's birthday August 20th we left in the afternoon and headed to West Yellowstone with the best company ever, the Bruderers. Hailey and Marc were able to come to and we got to go see Guys and Dolls at the Playmill. Saddie and McKin with the birthday girl.
Quincy got "Happy Birthday" sung to her at the playmill.McKin and Saddie loved the show. McKin said her favorite part of the play was when the guy tried to kiss a girl and she slapped his face, hope she keeps that attitude up later in life, ha ha!The next day we headed out to Yellowstone, and saw an elk in the background on the island behind the kids. Halle and Easton were holding hands just like this pretty much the entire time.We then went to the Paint Pots...and then off to Old Faithful.After Old Faithful, we headed back to Ashton so our kids could get some much needed naps along the way. We went to the best little pizza shop in Ashton and our kids decided to dance..

So although this trip was great, I don't recommend sharing a hotel room with your 3 kids for 2 nights before you run a race, something I'll remember for next time. Saturday we got up bright and early and went to get on the bus to go to the starting line.Our fans were waiting for us. When we turned the corner to the finish line, I saw Marshall and Chan and the kids as expected and my Mom, my Aunt Deb, Hailey, and Whitney who I didn't expect to be there. I started crying when I saw them, and then had to hurry and dry my tears because I didn't want everyone to think I was crying because the race was so hard! I was so glad they were there and it meant a lot to me.
The pink ladies coming in to the finish line!We DID IT! Thanks to Abbie and Misti for being such great running partners. I'm looking forward to many more races together!


The MontaƱo’s said...

HURRAH!!! You guys are awesome. It looked like such a freaking fun trip!! So glad you guys did it. What an accomplishment!! :)

Misti said...

Great post Ang! Really it was so much fun! (I don't mean the running part, the rest...) I could not ask for a better partner! Thanks!!!!

Abbie said...

Yaay so glad we made it! Loved running with you yesterday, can't wait for next summer. I miss our good talks.. Keep it up!!

Sharee said...

Way to go Angie!! That is so great that you finished a race. It looks like you had a fun little get-a-way. I am glad that you are enjoying your summer. I can't believe that Quincy is 1, where does the time go? All your girls are ADORABLE!

Nate and Brooke said...

Ang, I am seriously so proud of you! That is awsome you finished that race and it looks like you had some great friends to do it with. I'm so jealous!