Monday, November 3, 2008

Tag from Jennie

My friend Jennie Cannon tagged me a while ago, and I had the whole post ready to put up when my internet stopped working and I had to re-start my computer and lost the whole thing. Sooo, I was quite frustrated but now I'm ready to give it another shot.

Here's 6 weird/random things about me (it was hard to narrow it to 6):

1. My most FAVORITE food is Sushi, but the food I hate the most is chinese food. I know it doesn't make sense but I'm talking about the nasty cheap chinese food that you have to scrape the shortening off the top of your mouth when you are done and that buy MSG by the barrel. Sadly, this is one of Chan's favorite foods so I do tolerate it once in a while to prove what a good wife I am =)

2. I love politics and watch a probably unhealthy amount of Fox News. Maybe someday I'll be the next Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck.....

3. I can't seem to write anything without using the ellipsis (....) It's my favorite punctuation! I like to use it for dramatic pauses, or for trailing thoughts, and I use it probably way too much. See above.

4. One of the things I can't stand the most is knowing that someone else is having fun, and I'm not. I LOVE parties, and my family will attest that I will go do GREAT lengths to not miss anything fun.

5. I LOVE to read, but don't do it as much as I should because I know what happens when I start to read (because putting down the book for anything less than a natural disaster isn't an option): my kids eat junk whenever and wherever they want, my husband complains that I don't talk to him, my house turns into a disaster, and I don't shower or sleep.

6. One of my worst habits is interrupting. I used to be horrible at it, but I like to think I have gotten a little better. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize right now to everyone I have ever interrupted.

So there ya go, 6 of the probably thousands of weird things about me. I'm not going to pass this on because I'm way too tired to leave all the comments, etc., etc, but if anyone wants to do this, then feel free!


The Manwarings said...

Don't worry, sushi is Japanese, nothing like that nasty chinese stuff.

The Bradshaws-- said...

someone in our family has a struggle with way! just kidding

Amy said...

Angie: That is way funny! Is it strange that I can totally relate to most of the six?

wendy said...

Oh my gosh... We are related!

And I think that you would make a wonderful political pundit1