Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom and Nana!

Today my beautiful mom turns 52 (sorry Mom if that was a secret)! Doesn't she look great? She is a great mom and grandma, always willing to help me with my kids and be a best friend to me as well. I love talking to and spending time with her. She is so unselfish and giving of everything she has. She also works for our business and does a wonderful job! She is always telling Chan and me that if we want to hire someone else for her job then we can, and we look at her like she is crazy because we could never find anyone as good. We are grateful for all that she does for us and wish her a wonderful birthday! Love you Mom!
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Sharee said...

Happy Birthday Connie!! I miss talking with her on a monthly basis. As a matter of fact I miss talking with all of you on a regular basis. You are such a wonderful family to be associated with. I hope your mom had a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

amen brother

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angie and Sharee and "anonymous". As Amy Grant would say..."I'm the lucky one"!!